Meridian's EHR Program

Meridian Health Electronic Health Record
Subsidy Program  

Meridian Health is pleased to offer its affiliated physicians a subsidy program to assist in the installation of an office-based electronic health record (EHR) that will interface with Meridian hospitals and partner companies as well as the Meridian Accountable Care Organization (ACO) and provide the technology necessary to support quality patient care, and the ability to respond to the new health care reform initiatives.

What is Meridian proposing? 

The Meridian Board of Trustees has approved a multi-million dollar commitment to fund a subsidy program to provide Meridian affiliated physicians both choice and financial support in selecting a certified EHR solution.  Since all EHR subsidy programs are subject to strict federal regulations and requirements, Meridian took great care to structure the program to ensure compliance for the health system and its participating physicians. By way of example, these requirements prohibit a health system from providing a cash payment directly to the physician, require the physician to contribute to the cost of the EHR, limit the subsidy to certain costs (e.g., hardware cannot be part of the subsidy and the EHR must include a clinical system as defined under the regulations), and prevent a physician who already has a qualified EHR from obtaining reimbursement under the subsidy program for their existing EHR.                                                                              

After evaluating many office-based EHRs in terms of cost, functionality and success in the EHR market, Meridian has partnered with Allscripts, eClinicalWorks, and Practice Fusion to provide discounted pricing to Meridian’s physicians. The Allscripts, eClinicalWorks, and Practice Fusion systems are all certified EHR’s.

As with most EHRs, the Allscripts Professional and eClinicalWorks systems generally include three types of costs: license, installation/training, and monthly fees for support/maintenance. Each of these systems are remote hosted by the vendor (rather than installed and hosted at the physician office) and so the monthly fees, which are payable over a five year contract term, include hosting costs. Under the Meridian subsidy program, Meridian will provide each eligible full-time primary care physician (i.e., pediatricians, internists, and family practice physicians) a subsidy of up to $20,000 and each eligible full-time specialty physician a subsidy of up to $8,000 toward the costs of the Allscripts Professional and eClinicalWorks EHR systems. Each of these systems includes a practice management module that is integrated into the EHR. The Practice Fusion system is a very low cost system therefore no Meridian subsidy grant will be offered. For those physicians who already have one of the following EHR systems, GE Centricity, eClinicalWorks, Allscripts Professional, Greenway, Practice Fusion, STI, Vitera, and Athena, Meridian will provide each eligible physician a subsidy of up to 85% of the allowable costs of an interface to connect their EHR system to Jersey Health Connect, Meridian’s HIE.    

Who is eligible for this opportunity?

Eligible physicians must be active members of the medical staff in good standing; must be participating providers in Medicare (except for those specialties that do not provide Medicare covered services such as OB and pediatrics); use computerized physician order entry (CPOE) and electronic signature at Meridian hospitals and partner companies that have CPOE capabilities or when such capabilities are in place; comply with evidence-based protocols/guidelines as identified by the Clinical Excellence Committee (CEC); permit the exchange of clinical data between Meridian and the physician EHR for patient treatment; and participate in Jersey Health Connect. With regard to the Meridian ACO EHR and HIE subsidies, eligible physicians must be participants in the Meridian ACO and Medicare Shared Savings Program in addition to the above requirements.

In addition to eligible physicians, the subsidies would be available for the eligible physician's advance practice caregivers (e.g., nurse practitioner or physician assistant) since Allscripts and eClinicalWorks require separate licenses for these practitioners.

The combination of electronic clinical records and participation in the Jersey Health Connect HIE will enable us to promote clinically integrated health care delivery, critical to the ill patient and fundamentally needed to support and enhance wellness. Connecting providers to each other and to the latest information is the key to helping Meridian and its physicians do an even better job of managing chronic diseases, identifying preventive care options, and enhancing overall quality of care.

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