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Meridian’s Health Information Exchange -
Jersey Health Connect/Relay Health

What is a Health Information Exchange (HIE)?

A health information exchange (HIE) connects patient information from many disparate sources into one central location for you to make more informed decisions by having access to information across care settings (hospital, emergency room, outpatient, nursing homes, long term care, other physician offices, etc.). The overall goal is to facilitate the access to and retrieval of clinical data in order to provide safer, timely, efficient, effective, equitable, patient-centered care.  

What is Jersey Health Connect (JHC) and Relay Health?

Jersey Health Connect is a leading Health Information Organization (HIO) providing health information exchange (HIE) services to its participating members using technology powered by Relay Health. Jersey Health Connect allows its members to securely and reliably share patient information amongst authorized healthcare providers throughout the state. Today, there are over 30 healthcare organizations across New Jersey participating in and contributing clinical information to Jersey Health Connect. Meridian Health is a participating member of the Health Information Exchange (HIE), Jersey Health Connect (JHC).

Meridian Health’s affiliated physicians have the ability to share patient’s summary of care information from your practice’s electronic health record to JHC for other clinicians to view, and you will be able to also receive patient data from JHC into your electronic health record.  

For more information about Jersey Health Connect, please visit For more information about Relay Health, please visit

What information is available in Jersey Health Connect/Relay Health?

Each member of JHC contributes a variety of information, which may include:

  • Laboratory results
  • Radiology results
  • Emergency room documentation
  • Transcribed reports such as operative reports, discharge summaries, progress notes, histories and physicals
  • Summary of care records from hospital discharges and from physician office visits.  

Summary of care records (also commonly known as CCD -continuity of care documents) follow the requirements specified in CMS’ Meaningful Use program and include allergies, problems, medications, results, procedures, vital signs, past medical history, family history, social history, advance directives, and insurance information.

In addition, Relay Health allows patients to equally access their information on-line and to supplement the information in their Personal Health Record (PHR). Providers are able to see both the clinical information from the contributing member organizations and also the information directly entered by patients.

Relay Health organizes the information from all of these sources into a consolidated clinical chart so providers and patients can see the origination of the information from across contributing sources.

What are the benefits of accessing and sending my practice information to the HIE?

There are many benefits for providers to access and send information to the HIE. You can choose to just access the JHC HIE and not send information from your practice; however, there are many added benefits in also contributing data and providers are encouraged to exchange data.

Benefits if your practice just signs on and views information

  • Provides visibility for continuity of care for your patient
  • Saves your time and your staff members’ time from calling different organizations to request paper copies of records
  • Functions as a record locator service indicating medical record numbers from over 30 hospital member organizations
  • Provides an option to receive alert notifications if your patient was treated in the ED from any of the JHC member organizations

Added Benefits if your practice also contributes data from your EHR

  • Allows you to electronically pull clinical information from other member organizations directly into your practice’s EHR
  • Provides a solution to your practice to meet a number of Meaningful Use Core Measures for Stage 1 and Stage 2
  • Provides the option to securely message your colleagues and your patients
  • Provides a free Personal Health Record (PHR) solution to your practice that patients are excited to have their information from the many JHC member organizations in one central place
  • Provides a great tool for Care Coordinators in your practice if you are part of the Meridian ACO or Meridian Clinically Integrated Network
  • Connects your practice to Meridian’s Population Health/ Data Analytics system to provide risk scoring and dashboards to help manage the care of high risk patients.


How can I request a sign-on to Jersey Health Connect/Relay Health and access the HIE?

To request a sign-on, click here: Physician Access Request. Any credentialed Meridian physician will be able to obtain access to JHC and view clinical content for their patients. Once Relay Health creates your sign-on, you will receive instructions from Meridian’s HIE Team on how to sign in and begin accessing information across Jersey Health Connect.  

Once you have been granted access, you will be able to access Relay Health in many convenient ways, including:

  • directly over the internet at
  • from the Meridian Dashboard under Specialty Applications and selecting Jersey Health Connect/Relay Health
  • from within Soarian by selecting the Jersey Health Connect/Relay Health under External Links  
  • from within your office EHR system

Our Physician Application Liaisons (PALs) are available to assist you.

How do I get started with exchanging information between my electronic health record and Jersey Health Connect?

Meridian is already working with a number of the more popular EHR vendors within the Meridian community including:

  • eClinicalWorks
  • Greenway
  • Allscripts Professional
  • Athena
  • Practice Fusion
  • STI
  • Vitera

If you use one these EHR vendors and wish to connect your practice to Jersey Health Connect, simply email your interest to and indicate a point of contact in your practice along with your vendor’s point of contact. A member from the Meridian HIE team will coordinate the next steps. It is a standard for the EHR vendor to provide both a patient demographics interface as well as a summary of care/CCD interface.

What will it cost me to implement the information exchange between my office EHR and Jersey Health Connect?

There is no charge to the practice from either Meridian Health, Jersey Health Connect, and/or Relay Health; however, the practice will be responsible for their EHR vendor’s cost for connectivity. As part of the Meridian EHR subsidy program, Meridian may subsidize up to 85% of the cost of an interface for eligible providers up to a maximum of $2,500. Members of the Meridian ACO may be eligible to receive a 100% subsidy for the costs of implementing and maintaining connectivity.